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Morgenthau Coming To Military History


I’m really delighted that an excerpt from the Jew Who Defeated Hitler will appear in the June issue of Military History magazine.

I started writing for the magazine five years ago when Editor Stephen Harding contacted me about a piece on Hemingway at War, which became the cover story in April 2009. I’ve grown to like and admire Stephen, who’s a tremendous historian in his own right. His latest book The Last Battle, is a tremendous read.



The excerpt from The Jew Who Defeated Hitler tells the story of the French purchasing mission that worked with Henry Morgenthau Jr. in 1938-1939 to buy military aircraft. The mission quietly split FDR’s administration, then became a huge scandal following a tragic accident on the West Coast.  It’s a rollicking tale from the early days of what would become the biggest economic program in human history. And as you’d expect with this book, Morgenthau was right at the center of it.

We’ve just been through the editing and fact-checking process and, boy, it was thorough! How thorough? An editor and I were exchanging a New York Times story from 1939 and references to a headstone to establish the correct name of an Assistant Secretary of the Treasury. It’s great to work with people who are passionate about their job.

Many thanks for Stephen Harding and his team. I look forward to seeing the magazine, and to the book coming out in November.


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