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Signing Off on the Manuscript



The fate of The Jew who Defeated Hitler is now in the hands of the gods – well, of the editors and production team.

We’ve just completed all the editing of the book and it’s with the production team. My editor Mariel Bard has an eagle eye and was a joy to work with. We’ve gone through it a few times and believe – are really sure – we got all the kinks out.

I did the index last week – a job that’s sort of like walking across Siberia. It doesn’t matter how much you put behind you, there’s always a long way to go. Anyway, the book is done and the next step is printing it.

The Jew Who Defeated Hitler tells the story of Henry Morgenthau Jr.’s work in financing the Allied war effort in WWII, and his work in rescuing European Jews and reorganizing the global economic system. Prometheus Books will launch The Jew Who Defeated Hitler on Nov. 18.

In the next two months, we’ll be lining up promotional events. We’re hoping for events in several cities in Canada and the US. Stay tuned.


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