The Jew Who Defeated Hitler

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About the Author


Peter Moreira

Peter Moreira is an author, journalist and consultant living in Canada, whose next book will chronicle Henry Morgenthau Jr.’s role in the Allied  victory in the Second World War. Peter became interested in Morgenthau while  researching his first book, Hemingway  on the China Front (Potomac, 2006), as Hemingway was compiling  intelligence for Morgenthau during his trip to Asia.

After several years of research, Peter holds the conviction
that Morgenthau is one of the unsung heroes of the War. He hopes these blogs and THE JEW WHO DEFEATED HITLER, will convince others as well.

Peter spent more than 30 years in journalism in Canada, the  U.K., Hong Kong and Seoul. Though he never lived in the U.S., he spent seven  years covering American banking and other industries for The Deal, a New York corporate finance publication.

His writing has appeared in USA Today, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, Military History  and the Independent on  Sunday, and his fiction has been read on RTHK Radio in Hong Kong.

Peter is also the author of Backwater: Nova Scotia’s Economic Decline (Nimbus, 2009).


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