The Jew Who Defeated Hitler

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I love to receive feedback on the blogs. Please feel free to comment and join the discussion. If you have any information about Henry Morgenthau Jr. and his role in the Allied war effort, you can contact me at



  1. Hi Peter, I am the producer director of the Morgenthau film.
    I’d love to speak to you please call me or send me your phone number

    917 399 9968 cell


  2. What a fascinating topic, Peter, and timely, given the current financial challenges facing the United States. It might take another Morgenthau to defeat the national debt.

    It’s great to get a peak at fruits of your research. I look forward to reading the posts and to securing a copy of the book.

  3. Martha Bravo says:

    Peter, I have recently come across a letter written by Elinor in 1941 to my husband’s great-grandfather, Samuel Barrett Hylton Bravo. She thanked him for the place cards made of bird feathers by the descendants of Aztecs of Mexico. I have a framed grouping of some of those place cards that he kept for himself. Samuel Barrett’s daughter-in-law, Dorothy Southard Bravo also went to Vassar, possibly at the same time as Elinor. Please contact me if you would like to know more.

    • Hi Martha. I’m sorry that I have taken so long to respond. My book came out 18 months ago and I don’t visit this site often. Thanks very much for your kind offer. But now that the book is published I’m more focused on other projects. Many thanks. Peter.

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