The Jew Who Defeated Hitler

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No book has ever summarized Henry Morgenthau Jr.’s total contribution to the allied war effort in the Second World War, until now. THE JEW WHO DEFEATED HITLER, to be published by Prometheus Books, is the first volume to demonstrate that Morgenthau led the greatest economic project ever, which was essential in destroying the greatest evil ever. It details the obstacles – his doubters, opponents in Congress and the administration, FDR’s economic shortcomings, anti-Semitism – and how he overcame them. It analyzes for the first time the economic – and non-economic – factors that helped the Treasury finance the unprecedented war machine.
THE JEW WHO DEFEATED HITLER completes the picture of Morgenthau by chronicling his work to rescue European Jews, aid the British war effort, and make the dollar the world’s reserve currency. And it shows how his hubris after the great success of the Bretton Woods Conference led to his own great failure in the Morgenthau Plan.


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